The Personal Touch

Rules of design exist, but they aren’t set in stone. There is so much in life to enjoy. The only rule to follow, without exception, is to surround yourself with the things you love. Homes gain their individualism from a design vocabulary that can be as broad and diverse as your creativity allows. We encourage you to mix materials, colors, and styles to truly make your space come to life. See what strikes your fancy. Discover the look that says “you.” And no matter what you do, make the place you live the place you love…for a lifetime.

Designed by You, Built by Us

With incredible attention to detail, our design/build team conveys indispensable guidance for producing a powerful design statement in your home. The basis of our homes is a testament to clean-lined classics with a chilled-out modern perspective for you to work around. The focal point of our design evokes a soothing style of old-world charm welcoming friends and family into your home every time your door is opened.

When it comes to design, we’ve researched and studied the cream-of-the-crop home industry alternatives. So with confidence, you can personalize each stylistic attribute, trust your instincts, and decide what best reflects you. Our team will apply their savvy skills and know-how to assure that each project meets and exceeds our homeowner’s needs for accessibility, flexibility, privacy, and overall well being. Professionals work in concert with you to guarantee a home that’s remarkably you with pride of ownership as the lasting result.

Until it’s finished, the design of your home may be a work-in-progress, but it’s never a stand-alone venture. Exercising a straightforward, sincere approach and an unwavering focus on your needs, we’re with you full-circle during the personalization phase. Now, isn’t that the kind of team you want backing you all the way? Together, we’ll create rooms that feel like home, your home.

All the Personal Touch You Desire, Drawn with Our Designer’s Soft Lines

What is the first thing you should look for when building a home? Well “you,” of course! With so many possibilities to explore, building the home of your dreams should reflect your motivations. Sounds like a tough order to fill? Nothing’s too tough for our design crew! Imagine achieving extraordinary aesthetic value as you engage with our in-house designer to determine floor coverings, stone and wood colors, cabinet design, countertops, plumbing/electrical fixtures, appliance selection, window coverings, and much more!

Of course, the flexibility of deciding on your interior features extends to the exterior with stucco colors, roof tile type and color, wood accent detailing, color stamped cement, landscaping preferences, and the like. Dream big. Take pleasure in the sweet indulgence of your perfect creation!

Jump-Start Your Kitchen Adventure…It’s The Engine of Your Home

We’re ramping up the plans on your new kitchen. And we’re pulling out all the stops, mainly because this room, with its industrial strength mojo and relentless staying power, always carries the “oversize load.” In showcasing the kitchen over any other aspect of our floor plan, we’re letting you see “under the hood” to the true “nuts and bolts” of how we retrofit our design operation to your specifications. We want to make sure you select a pleasing combination of style and design to capture the fine details of the layout’s “house favorite.” So rev your motor for high-speed acceleration, because this isn’t a “cruise control” event. Let’s go for a joyride into your kitchen, where your “wish list” never takes a backseat.

A Crème de le Crème Kitchen for the In-House, Epicurean Chef

Even if you’re not a food connoisseur, you still have discriminating taste. And when it comes to your kitchen, you have every right to be nitpicky. As the true “living” room, the kitchen merits your special attention. Real estate professionals will tell you, “It’s the kitchen that sells the home.” We’re here to tell you, “It’s the kitchen that builds the home.”

Kitchens are increasingly becoming an extension of living space, rather than just the mechanics of preparing a nice meal. Whether cooking for a crowd or enjoying takeout for two, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you gather with family and community to share food and friendship. It’s a place where the aroma and savor of “good taste” never grows stale. And because of its status, today’s winning kitchens should display a wealth of creative diversity that always reflects the personality of the owner.

Pleasing to your palette, we invite your input in planning your custom-design kitchen. At C. Blake, we’re aware of the growing interest toward integrating what really goes on in the kitchen space into the design. When you think of all the interaction that occurs within the kitchen, this translates into dedicated areas for cooking, doing homework, surfing the Internet, visiting with friends, and even watching television. After all, the kitchen is where you spend 80% of your time. Shouldn’t it have what you want? As house princess or prince, we insist that you add in the pizzazz that makes your kitchen your castle. Enlighten us…we want to know what goes into your kitchen. Everything’s ala carte…taster’s choice, and you’re the judge.

Our designers feel the impact of bringing the outdoors inside to not only allow the kitchen to more successfully blend into surrounding living areas, but also provide an unobstructed view outdoors. When it comes to finishes for cabinetry, there is a renewed interest in medium to dark tones. So, we’ve introduced light-beckoning windows to fill in the contrast of kitchen darks, scoring a bit of iridescence for brightening up the kitchen space on impulse. Our designers have thought up these expert tips and are always on watch for the latest, most viable trends. This provides you a template for “coloring in” your personality-plus details. As the gourmet sleuth, you pick the specifics to transform your kitchen dreams into an achievable reality.

Cary Blake has been a most unique builder and contractor. We have been involved in remodeling two and building two different homes and have had an opportunity to work with hundreds of craftsmen, builders and contractors over the years. I can state without question, that Cary has been the most responsive and the most willing to step in and see that things are done and taken care of anyone we have ever worked with. His quality is first rate and he is one of the very few people that when he states “such and such is going to happen at such and such a time” he either gets it done or has a reason that simply has limited his ability to fulfill that. This is most unusual and I rate Cary Blake as simply the best of the best!

- Randall J Olsen, MD

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