Years of Experience Has Taught Us – “It’s the Little Things that Make the Difference!”
C. Blake Homes
At C. Blake Homes, when we build a new house…we follow some old rules. It’s a formula based on an unbending ethic of conducting our professional affairs with the utmost level of accountability and honesty. It’s a known fact: We won’t budge an inch on balancing all four corners of the business – genuine customer care, top-quality materials and construction practices, on-time deadline completion, and competitive market pricing.
Personalize Your Home
The Best Designs Are a Celebration of Self
Choosing the essence of your home is very personal. When it comes to design, we offer more than just the bare essentials. Far from ordinary, we pride ourselves in extending a full-service design/build group to assist you while you’re engaged in the “new home process.” Knowledgeable, on-site home building associates will help you create a gracious lifestyle that articulates to your attitude and personality. Our esteemed designer draws on her expertise in color, texture, pattern, and scale to establish distinctive, inviting rooms in every C. Blake home.
Designed by You, Built By Us
When it comes to design, we’ve researched and studied the cream-of-the-crop home industry alternatives. So with confidence, you can personalize each stylistic attribute, trust your instincts, and decide what best reflects you. Our team will apply their savvy skills and know-how to assure that each project meets and exceeds our homeowner’s needs for accessibility, flexibility, privacy, and overall well being. Professionals work in concert with you to guarantee a home that’s remarkably you with pride of ownership as the lasting result.

"Working with Cary has been a delight. He is very thorough, detailed, and flexible. We have never worked with a contractor that is so helpful and willing to adjust to our schedule and needs."

– Craig and Marianne Mecham

"The team of C. Blake Homes as builder and interior design by Brenda Blake exceeded our high expecations. Cary Blake and team pride themselves in outstanding quality and competitive pricing."

– Don Watkins

"We cannot begin to thank C. Blake homes for their commitment to quality building and creating homes, not just houses, and specifically for our wonderful home."

– Con & Gail Fulde

"If you are thinking of building in The Ledges or elsewhere, please consider Cary Blake as your contractor. The experience will be rewarding, the work exquisite and the friendship of these two people will be a reward in itself. "

– Gary Martin

"Brenda worked with Susan and I on textures, stone work, colors, and a furniture plan and made the completion of the project a pleasure."

– The Martins

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