We are currently finishing our home being constructed, in the Cliffs, by Cary and Brenda Blake, and their team at C. Blake Homes. Working with Cary has been a delight. He is very thorough, detailed, and flexible. We have never worked with a contractor that is so helpful and willing to adjust to our schedule and needs. We are very pleased with our home and acknowledge it is primarily the result of their commitment to excellence and ensuring that every last detail is in place. What is very comforting is that on numerous occasion Cary has assured us even after we move in he is more than willing to make sure everything is working properly and to make what ever adjustments are needed.

One of the very important aspects of working with the Blake’s is Brenda. She has been amazing to work with and her personal help with color selections, prices, discounts, and just knowing where the best retailers are located is invaluable. She too has been very helpful and accommodating to our schedule.

Probably the best compliment we can give the Blake’s is that through this process we have become very good friends. We look forward to a lasting friendship for years to come. We would be more than happy to discuss our experience with the C. Blake Homes team with anyone. When building your dream home you desire nothing more than to receive the highest quality at the best price. C. Blake Homes has exceeded our expectations in every way.

Craig & Marianne Mecham

Having been a builder myself many years ago, I had experience in what I was looking for when it came to choosing a builder to build our final dream home in St. George. The team of C. Blake Homes as builder and interior design by Brenda Blake exceeded our high expectations. Cary Blake and team pride themselves in outstanding quality and competitive pricing. In addition to the Blake’s team of employees, we have developed a respect and friendship with the outstanding subcontractors that have taken such pride in their various trades. As appreciation for a job well done, I asked the Blake’s if I could offer this letter of endorsement. Please feel free to contact me for detail questions regarding C. Blake Builder. Contact me, Don Watkins at don@handstands.com. It’s a good time to get great quality and great pricing on your dream home. Don Watkins

In 2005 C. Blake Homes built our dream home in Kayenta, Utah. It was the first home they built in Kayenta. Although there were several other contractors with years of experience with building in Kayenta, we chose C. Blake Homes because of the previous experience my husband had working with them. AS a cabinet maker/installer it was imperative to my husband to have straight walls, ceilings, and floors. C. Blake Homes exemplifies detailed framing, cement work, and very importantly for Kayenta maximum insulating qualities. The other draw for C. Blake Homes is there consistency in creating exquisite homes that are warm and livable. It would be difficult to find another builder who exhibited the degree of respect for the land and commitment to the ideals of Kayenta, and the strict building codes. It was wonderful to have our builder work so closely with our designer, Gulch Design. Together they created a masterpiece. Although we have many friends with larger and exclusive homes it seems that it is our home where everyone gathers and they always comment on how homey it is. We cannot begin to thank C. Blake homes for their commitment to quality building and creating homes, not just houses, and specifically for our wonderful home. Con & Gail Fulde

Cary Blake has been a most unique builder and contractor. We have been involved in remodeling two and building two different homes and have had an opportunity to work with hundreds of craftsmen, builders, and contractors over the years. I can state without question, that Cary has been the most responsive and the most willing to step in and see that things are done and taken care of anyone we have ever worked with. His quality is first rate and he is one of the very few people that when he states, “such and such is going to happen at such and such a time”, he either gets it done or has a reason that simply has limited his ability to fulfill that. This is most unusual and I rate Cary Blake as simply the best of the best! Randall Olson

After we bought our house in The Ledges we were at a loss to choose which contractor to engage to build the house. After eight months of developing the plans and having looked at other contractors in The Ledges as well as other developments, it was suggested we introduce ourselves to Cary Blake at C. Blake Homes as a possible choice.

It didn’t take much more than one meeting for me to understand how professional and responsible he and his entire crew were. We had a terrific relationship with both Cary and Brenda and we had the trust of having our house built while Susan and I were in California and could only occasionally visit the construction site.

Cary put together an incredible group of sub-contractors to bid and put together a budget that we felt comfortable with. During the entire eight months process of the build we were on budget with the exceptions of additions we asked for and were fully explained to us before they were made.

At the later stage of the construction, Brenda worked with Susan and I on textures, stone work, colors and a furniture plan and made the completion of the project a pleasure.

If you are thinking of building in The Ledges or elsewhere, please consider Cary Blake as your contractor. The experience will be rewarding, the work exquisite and the friendship of these two people will be a reward in itself. Please feel free to contact me directly or should you be in the area when I am, I will be happy to show you the workmanship.

Gary Martin

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